Why Choose Flutter for Your Next App Development Project?

Why Choose Flutter for Your Next App Development Project?

Flutter is a phone programming framework that has gained popularity among developers worldwide. It contains all of the components from cross-platform and native development models needed to create powerful apps in a short period.

Many organizations seek to employ a Flutter application development company to develop applications that serve a large audience. You can select an economic corporation that meets your organization's needs.

Numbers that Flutters!

According to Tim Sneath, Google's product manager for Flutter and Dart, over two million developers have used Flutter in the sixteen months since it was released. According to his assessment, despite the circumstances created by the COVID-19 epidemic, March experienced a 10% month-over-month gain.

Approximately 500,000 developers now use Flutter to construct mobile applications.

According to Statista, Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework among developers globally. It also claims that 39% of coders utilize Flutter, a 9% rise from the previous year.

According to a recent Stack Overflow survey, 68.8% of developers adore Flutter and are eager to learn more about the technology. According to their statistics, Flutter is one of the least terrible and most desired applications.

According to Google Trends, interest in Flutter grew in the United States last year. The graphic below illustrates that blue represents Flutter and red means React Native. In global data, the pattern is nearly identical.

Flutter has approximately 109k ratings on GitHub, a large number compared to other technologies. It is also one of GitHub's top 50 most active repositories.

These figures show an increase in the use of Flutter for developing mobile applications. It is a new trend, and many coders appear to agree with it. This should motivate many mobile app development service providers to learn Flutter and offer it to their clients. Here are some more statistics that demonstrate the technology's popularity.

Since the technology's inception, over 100,000 apps have been released, according to Flutter. Realtor.com, Tencent, The New York Times, Square, and Google Assistant are among the most popular Flutter apps.

Statista says 7.2% of developers worldwide use Flutter libraries, frameworks, and tools as of early 2020.

Dart is the fastest-growing language between 2018 and 2019, according to studies. It is the language in which the Flutter framework is implemented. Over the next two years, they predict a massive 532% increase in total consumption.

Other prominent Flutter applications include Google Ads and Alibaba Group, with over 60 million downloads combined.

Flutter for New Application Development – The Significant Benefits!

Both large and small businesses can benefit greatly from creating apps with Flutter. It is a well-liked bridge software framework, which many mobile application development network operators are aware of. Here are some crucial considerations to help designers and developers understand the benefits of Flutter.

Open Source:

A Google open-source software production tool is called Flutter. It enables speedy problem reporting and information access through public developer forums. It allows Flutter programmers to grow and learn with the product's dynamic developer community. The coder becomes more effective and productive, which decreases the overall cost and project duration.

A single codebase

It is a framework with cross-platform performance; the developers can create one-time codes and then use them for various systems. This means that a single program can operate on both iOS and Android. Building code for other platforms, such as native frameworks, saves significant time and effort. As a result, the entire cost of building and launching the app is significantly reduced.

Dart, an object-oriented programming language, is used to create Flutter apps.

Using the object-oriented computer language Dart, Flutter develops apps. For JavaScript and Java a programmer, Dart is straightforward to understand because it provides the majority of entity concepts. Dart and Java are similar programming languages that share many features. With the help of its responsive programming style, programmers may do basic tasks quickly and easily.

Development and Hot Reload

This unique Flutter feature allows developers to see changes to code in real-time. Any updates are immediately available to both designers and developers. They do not have to wait for updates and can continue developing new features without interruption. This increases developer productivity and minimizes the time required to construct a robust application. This saves a significant amount of money throughout the development process.

Performance comparable to a native app

When you engage mobile app developers to create Flutter applications, you receive quick execution on any platform. This is because it employs the Dart programming language, which is fast, simple, and easily compliable with native code. It outperforms any other app development platform in terms of application performance.

The Technical Community

To improve Flutter, a vibrant developer community is always striving. They make it simple for newcomers to use and understand the framework. Everyone can try to design an app rapidly with the help of the crew. About 50 movies are ready to help with creating the software toolkit.

Utilization of Custom Widgets

Flutter provides many widgets to aid developers in their creation process. It dramatically simplifies and accelerates the creation of a primary user interface. You can also nest one widget inside another to provide several functions. Create a UI element once, which will become adaptable to various resolutions, platforms, and devices.

Increases the number of investors.

The minimum viable product (MVP) represents an application's core functions and features. An MVP designed using Flutter is cross-platform compatible and provides a high-quality user experience. This attracts many investors and allows them to support your project.

Create Desktop, Mobile, and Web Apps

Hiring a Flutter app developer gives you the advantage of building something highly customizable. You may develop applications for six different platforms at the same time. This includes operating systems such as Android, macOS, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, and Web.

Less testing is required

Normally, testing would entail checking for platform compatibility. Flutter apps employ a single code base that does not alter when running on different platforms. All it takes is one test of a Flutter application to save the developer a lot of time and expenses.


There are numerous reasons why Flutter should be your first choice for creating a new mobile application. Because of its multiple advantages, it is swiftly gaining popularity. It will assist you in making the correct selection and selecting this technology for developing a new application. You can find out more in the post.